Wireless Connectivity to Your PCS Chargers

Pro Charging Systems DeltaView Link App allows you to access pertinent information from your iOS or Android mobile device. DVL provides quick and easy verification that your Lift/Golf Cart/Scrubber/LSV is fully charged and gives you instant access to the charging history data. DVL can assist in making service calls much more efficient, even eliminating some calls all together, which saves you/your company time and money.

Some of the useful information you can access with DVL App include:

  • Charging Data History (up to 100 Cycles)
  • State of Charge Screen allows you to quickly view if your equipment is fully charged or where it is in the process.
  • Date and Time Stamp information lets you know when a charger was plugged in and when it was unplugged or lost power.
  • Real time data as charging is in process.
  • View battery type(s) and voltage indicators.
  • Displays beginning battery voltage.
  • Amp hours used/Amp hours replaced as well as percentage returned to the pack
  • You have the ability to assign a name and/or an asset number to your charger for quick identification.
  • Location Assistance with extended wireless range
  • One button upload of your historical charging profile to an email.
  • One button push to call PCS customer support.
  • The capability to receive messages and update your charger to the latest firmware is coming.
  • Access to our App tutorial, to set up videos, to definitions, FAQ’s and more….

DeltaView Link is now available on most Eagle Performance Series and our Patriot Series chargers. DVL can be used with Golf Carts, LSV and various Industrial Equipment.

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DeltaView Link App Available Now

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