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Performance, endurance and reliability are all terms closely associated with the expectations of manufacturers and operators of industrial equipment powered by batteries. Pro Charging Systems line of technologically sophisticated battery chargers address those important expectations with advanced battery chargers designed to meet the demands of industrial users. Utilizing Pro Charging System’s exclusive DeltaVolt technology, our Eagle Performance, Professional and Sportsman Series line of chargers can substantially enhance the performance of batteries by intuitively charging batteries to optimal charge levels consistent with battery manufacturer recommendations. The result is longer time in-service between charges and longer battery life.


Pro Charging Systems battery chargers are the preferred choice of many battery manufacturers. The reason is simple. PCS chargers meet or exceed their recommendations and keep their batteries performing better over time.


Better Battery Performance

One of the keys to developing the best battery performance is bringing batteries up to the proper specific gravity levels as recommended by battery manufacturers. Pro Charging Systems, LLC (PCS) manufactures the only chargers that will consistently recharge batteries to a 100% level. By bringing a battery’s electrolyte to this charge level and in turn the proper specific gravity level, we significantly reduce sulfation, which is a primary cause of premature battery failure. Our charging profile results in over 25% more discharge time for the customer and much better service life. We provide a very fast recharge time, reaching absorption levels in virtually the same amount of time as our fastest competitors. We then take batteries to a “finishing” level while our competitors have already terminated their charge profile or ended in a float stage.

Learn more about Specific Gravity – The Pro Charging Systems Difference.

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