JLG Lift Guides 2

JLG Electric Powered Aerial Platforms Guide (Updated May January 2016)


JLG Lift Model Number JLG Battery Charger Part Number PCS Compatible Charger PCS Compatible Charger
Towable/Trailer Boom Lifts
T350 MAC 0400164 i2420OBRM i2425OBRM
T500J MAC 0400164 i2420OBRM i2425OBRM
T350 Delta-Q 10001103056 i2420OBRMJLGTTB i2425OBRMJLGTTB
T500J Delta-Q 10001103056 i2420OBRMJLGTTB i2425OBRMJLGTTB
Articulating Boom Lifts
E300AJ Delta-Q 1001103105 i4818OBRMJLGEAJP
E400A MAC 0400196 i4818OBRMJLGS400A
E400AJ Delta-Q 1001123054* i4818OBRMJLGS400A
E400AN MAC 0400196 i4818OBRMJLGS400A
E450A Delta-Q 1001123054 i4818OBRMJLGS400A
E450AJ Delta-Q 1001103105 i4818OBRMJLGEAJP
E600 Delta-Q 0270040 i4818OBRMJLGSAJP
E600J Delta-Q 0270040 i4818OBRMJLGSAJP
E600JP Delta-Q 0270040 i4818OBRMJLGSAJP
 *Note 1: Serial Number 144567 to Now
Articulating Jib Plus Lifts
E300AJP MAC 0400188 i4818OBRMJLGSAJP
E300AJP Delta-Q 1001103105* i4818OBRMJLGEAJP
E400AJP MAC 0400196 i4818OBRMJLGS400A
E450AJP MAC 0400196 i4818OBRMJLGS400A
 *Note 1: Serial Number 0300138359 to Now
Vertical Mast Lifts
15MSP 0274875 i2420OBRMJLG i2425OBRMJLG
15MSP 1001102932 i2420OBRMJLG i2425OBRMJLG
15MSP 1001104613 i2420OBRMJLG i2425OBRMJLG
20MSP 0274875 i2420OBRMJLG i2425OBRMJLG
20MSP 1001102932 i2420OBRMJLG i2425OBRMJLG
20MSP 1001104613 i2420OBRMJLG i2425OBRMJLG
15MVL 0274875 i2420OBRMJLG i2425OBRMJLG
15MVL 1001102932 i2420OBRMJLG i2425OBRMJLG
15MVL 1001104613 i2420OBRMJLG i2425OBRMJLG
20MVL 0274875 i2420OBRMJLG i2425OBRMJLG
20MVL 1001102932 i2420OBRMJLG i2425OBRMJLG
20MVL 1001104613 i2420OBRMJLG i2425OBRMJLG
10VP 0400164 RS1/IS1 RS2/IS2
15VP 0400164 RS1/IS1  RS2/IS2
20VP 0400164 RS1/IS1 RS2/IS2

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