Product Information Data Sheet Eagle Performance Series i4818OBRMJLGEAJP (Print / Drawing)Product Manual Eagle Performance Series Manual Manfacture Date After 10.1.2010 Product Specifications Eagle Performance Series i4818OBRMJLGEAJP – 48 Volt 18 AMP – 9H x 8.5W x 5.75L  28lbs

Compatible With These Manufacturers Units JLG Articualting Boom Lifts Model Numbers E600, E600J, E600JP – JLG Battery Charger Part Number 0270040 (Delta-Q Battery Charger) JLG Articualting Jib Plus Lifts Model Numbers E300AJP – JLG Battery Charger Part Number 0400188 (MAC Battery Charger) Note: Serial Number 03033138358 and earlier

The Eagle Performance Series Advantage

  • Dramatically Enhanced Battery Performance = More Time in Service
  • Substantially Enhanced Battery Life  = Reduced Mainteneance Expense Over Time
  • Dependable, Fully Charged Batteries Every Time = Satisfied Rental Customers

Eagle Performance Battery Charging Systems are designed for the demands of the industrial lift industry and offer a number of features that equipment rental dealers seek including:

  • Easy Installation!—“Plug ‘N Play” Technology
  • For use with Lead Acid (Wet/AGM) and Gelled Electrolyte batteries
  • Automatically detects and configures for battery type
  • Factory customized to meet your installation requirements
  • Multiple connector options
  • Multiple mounting bracket options

Our products are used in many types of applications including:

  • Scissor Lifts
  • Aerial Lifts
  • Walk Behind Forklifts
  • Platform Lifts
  • Dump Trailers
  • Other Lift Equipment

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Keep Your Equipment Running and Rented!   Equipment rental dealers need battery powered rental equipment to operate reliably and efficiently. It is important from both a customer satisfaction and return on investment perspective for equipment to perform well and stay in service. Our sophisticated Eagle Performance Series battery chargers utilize the company’s proprietary DeltaVolt Intuitive Charging Technology to enhance both the performance and life of batteries. The company’s exclusive 5 stage charging technology uses advanced charging algorithms to allow superior control of specific gravity to battery manufacturer recommendations. In addition, the system’s maintenance mode conditions batteries to extend their performance and life.

Eagle Performance Series Engineering Drawings with Product Images – Lift Industry Segment

The Pro Charging Systems Advantage

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  • Longer Battery Life
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